Fortis Eyewear Bays Polarised Sunglasses

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Fortis Eyewear are specialists in producing polarised fishing sunglasses that help you see through water. They help eliminate glare, provide over 99% polarising efficiency and maintain a high visual clarity. Fortis fishing sunglasses provide UV400 protection and tested to and pass British Standard BS EN ISO 12312-1:2013. Wearing Fortis Eyewear sunglasses reduces eye strain and helps you see deeper into the water to locate your quarry.

They are great for all outdoor sports not just fishing.

Lens Options (Not available on all styles)

  • Brown a lens that has substantial contrast definition. These are perfect for picking out objects in water and why the majority of our lenses utilise this colour. They are great for low to bright light conditions.
  • Amber a lens that has unrivalled contrast definition. Amber lenses are perfect for low light conditions i.e. the British weather! These lenses are guaranteed to brighten up your day.
  • Grey reduces the light intensity without affecting the colour spectrum. Relatively neutral and clear, which is why it is suitable for long-term wearing without putting an excessive load on the eye. Considered a great choice for fishermen in medium to bright light conditions.

Switch - This brand new lenses technology from Fortis Eyewear allows the lenses to darken or lighten depending on the weather conditions, so should it be bright the lens will darken or should it be dark the lens will lighten allowing the wearer optimum viewing at all times and in any condition.

Our XBlok Technology is a mirrored surface coating offering additional (or eXtra) glare block.

  • Gold XBlok Offers the highest contrast. Ideal for spotting dark shapes in deep clear water.
  • Blue XBlok Provides superior contrast in bright sunlight.
  • Fire XBlok Superb all round protection & glare block.

The Fortis Bays sunglasses have been designed with a 22 degree wrap angle offering excellent side coverage to help eliminate the ingress of side light.

  • Available in a Selection of Lens Colours
  • Extremely lightweight & robust Frames due to Fortis zero hinge technology.
  • Supplied in Hard case with cleaning cloth.